Thursday, May 29, 2014

R U missing out on romance

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Why are romance books so popular, especially to women?  

This is a good question because statistics show that romance books are the biggest sellers, especially in America.  Is this because women lack real romance in their lives or is it because men have no clue about romance?  Are women unrealistic in their expectations when it comes to romance in relationships?  Do too many books depict romantic situations that no man could ever live up to?

All of these questions are good ones.  Perhaps the answers are more complicated than we think.  If you read romance books, do you lack romance in your real life?

I've been thinking a lot about this subject since writing my latest romance book.  The book has picked up a bit in sales and I've been wondering why romance reading is so popular in our society.

Most men have little clue when it comes to romance.  It isn't that they are stupid, it's simply most of them have not been brought up to be romantic creatures.  Many times, what men think is romantic, may not seem very romantic to women at all.  I really doubt most men research this subject because it just isn't as important to them as it is to ladies.

Imagined or real, romance books are filling something for women they may not be seeing in reality.  On the other hand, maybe women just love to fantasize when it comes to the hum drum daily chores we all, male or female, face daily.  Maybe romance stories transport women, even if for a short time, to another place, a place where fantasies help us all cope with the seemingly dull routines we all have to perform each day.  After all, movies do just that too, it is what makes some movies more popular than others.  We can lose ourselves in someone else's trials, hardships, and yes, their love lives.  Maybe we simply love to be voyeurs, like a fly on the ceiling, looking into another person's private life for a short time.

Do women really want to be rescued by a man?  That is doubtful, but I think they want to be rescued from the daily, dull, routines we all face in our lives.  We all like a little bit of a vacation for the mind, so to speak.

What are your thoughts on this subject?