Monday, June 2, 2014

What frosts my cookies about Penn Yan

Recently the town in New York where we used to live, experienced a devastating flood.  The flood put many businesses under water and in some cases, put workers out of jobs due to the damage the rising waters caused. The town was even deemed a disaster area by NY State officials.

My grandson lives and works in Penn Yan.  The business he works for laid off most of the workers indefinitely because their equipment was damaged so there is NO work right now.  He has applied for unemployment and in the meantime, the stupid landlords he rents from, have told him he has one week to move out.  Now, mind you, his rent wasn't due until landlords think they can do whatever they damned well please in Penn Yan and also play upon a person falling on temporary hard times due to no fault of their own.  If anyone is to fault here, it would be Penn Yan for being too cheap to have up to date infrastructures, namely decent storm drains to handle extra water.  

It's dumb landlords like this that led us to leave the Penn Yan area.........slumlords who tried to rent out houses to us that weren't even up to code......slumlords who never fix their slums yet think they can charge a fortune for rent............believe me, there is Nothing in Penn Yan worth a fortune.......LOL

But the bottom line is this: Stupid, stupid landlords in Penn Yan have a lot to learn about the law.............and I hope my grandson knows that if those idiots keep calling him without a legal eviction notice, he should call the cops and have them for harassment, which is also illegal.

To top it all off?  Those dummies even told him he has to 'be out' because they have new tenants moving in this Saturday.  I understand it IS Penn Yan, but their utter stupidity never ceases to amaze me, even for There!!!!!!!!!!!!