Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nursing home diaries

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The Frontline documentary about assisted living recently 

shown on TV, is pretty much what my book is about. My 

book gives advice on how to make elder care much better. 

These owners of elder care places, make billions from the 

elderly. Time to make better living conditions for the elderly.

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I sent my manuscript to a publisher who told me:  "The book 

is quite good.  But we just published a book written by a 

nurse aide so we really can't publish yours right now."

So a publisher cannot publish more than one book in the 

same genre?  I have to say I find that hard to believe.

Publishing a book written by a nurse aide is nice, but I 

could write from the perspective of both an aide (I was one 

for a lot of years) and through the eyes of a Social Services 

Director (which is how my books are written).  As an aide 

one sees just what's on the surface of a nursing home 

because aides are not allowed into board of director 

meetings nor are they allowed to see the information a 

department head is privilege to.

Department heads see the pure, raw greed of having to 

please board members.  We see the raw greed of the bottom

line being 

more important than your Grandma's healthy bottom.

 This industry, be it Assisted Living, or a traditional nursing 

home, is a billion dollar industry.

  If this industry did not spell P-R-O-F-I-T in a 

big way, well doctors and corporations would never be 


About Assisted Living: I could slap up a fancy building, 

charge customers (people living there) $8,000 a month to 

live there and not face the big regulations traditional nursing

 homes face.  Do those nursing home regulations make 

traditional ones better?  Ha Ha, you wish!  But Assisted 

Living is worse yet. Those places do not even have to put a 

Licensed administrator in place, like traditional ones do.  I 

know this for a fact because a young (very young) guy who 

was my assistant once, and was still learning, went on to be 

the head of an Assisted Living place.  This guy couldn't take 

care of a puppy, much less my Grandma. 

You say: "Well I'm just a layman."  This is true, but you can 

become an informed layman. You can make a difference. 

 If YOU make a difference, other paying customers will

 follow suit right in line with you.  Do not ever underestimate 

your power as a paying customer.  The payment option 

makes no difference either, be it private pay, Medicare or 

Medicaid.  You hate the present nursing home, no one 

listens to you?  You can choose another.  Even if you do 

nothing more than read my book, you will be More informed 

than before reading it.

I have a problem with kids who just 'dump' Mom or Dad off 

and never take time to check on how they are doing.  Hey, 

Mom and Dad wiped Your butt, fed YOU and made sure 

YOU were safe, while growing up.  Don't they deserve the