Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This one won't be popular.......tough

An addicted America

Listening to the radio this morning, I hear a commercial that goes like this: "Prescription drugs in your system while driving your vehicle is illegal.  If you have side effects such as impaired vision, impaired reactions or prescription drugs that may impair your driving in any way, can result in an arrest."
So now, Americans are being turned into criminals by their doctors and local pharmacists.

America is an addicted society.  We teach our kids to be addicted to cell phones, game systems and gadget use.  NOT addicted to their cell phones you say?  BS!  Just ask that kid, wife, husband, friend or coworker to 'turn off their cell phone' for a week and you'll see people experiencing withdrawal from gadgets.  In New York State, the fines have been raised to $400 and points on your license have gone from 3 to 5, if you are caught using your cell phone while driving.  What do I see Daily?  You bet, people talking on cell phones while trying to drive all the time, at least one each trip.  So much for that law.

We get commercials about 'marketing cigarettes to kids' while, on the other hand, we see commercials glorifying flavored alcohol.  This is not marketing to kids?  Yes, it is.  When young, we laugh at friends at parties who drink and throw up and stagger and think it's funny.  In reality (you do remember reality, don't you?) those people have alcohol poisoning.  Not funny and it can kill.

The popularity of these drinks is well known

We're a messed up, screwed up society in America.  Because prescription drugs and gadgets and alcohol are popular, legal addictions, the government has not gone after them.  I do, however, suspect cigarettes were not making enough money for the powers that be, so it was time to try and eliminate them and campaign against their sales and use.  So now, cigarette smokers are criminals too.   Second hand smoke can kill.  Yeah, second hand prescription drugs, second hand alcohol and second hand cell phone use while driving, can also kill.  Hello!!!!

The thing is, all the aforementioned addictions are all legal to buy and use. You might want to rethink addictions by true definition.