Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nursing home diaries

I realize by now that many people, especially younger ones, have in their heads they will be young and fresh forever.  I suppose at age 20, 30 maybe even 40, I thought:  I have (fill in the blank) this many years and don't have to worry about getting older.  Well yes, but most people do not realize how fast that gap flies by and closes in on them.  They will, you will.  

I was talking to my niece who lives in Kuwait and she was telling me there are no nursing homes there.  The care of the elderly is left up to the families.  I don't know if that practice is good or bad, but I do know that American nursing homes, the traditional kind, truly suck.  I also know many people have no family to care for them.  But does America have to be so greedy, so barbaric concerning the care?  No, it's simply profit for profit's sake.  She also said that as long as she lives and is able, her parents will never have to worry about living in a nursing home.  I wish more families had that attitude.

Empathy is sorely lacking in our, so called, prosperous nation.  With this recession (Depression) we are not all that prosperous anymore, unless you are the big corporate giants running those nursing homes which are simply ware houses for human beings.  Empathy, today, is seen as a sign of weakness and is nearly nonexistent in our modern society.  Mores the pity.

I know it's hard to imagine being old, being frail, being anything but young and vibrant, but the biggest state many Americans live in is the state of Denial.  Humans are good at living there, until, one day, Reality catches up to them. Like they say at AA: "Denial is not a river in Egypt.