Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nursing home diaries

Today there is an elderly gentleman sitting in the hallway and he is charging his electric wheel chair.  The Administrator calls me to her office to tell me I 'must tell him he cannot do that in the hall, it doesn't look nice.'  

I ask: "Why, this is his home.  Don't visitors know elderly people, many with wheel chairs, live here?"  I get an icy stare.  I walk past the wheel chair guy and simply say Hi.  I refuse to pass along her message.  

The head maintenance woman comes to my office crying.  I ask her what's wrong, she continues to sob.  I wait for her to calm down and she tells me her assistant shot himself last night.  I recall the Administrator bitching him out in morning meeting yesterday.  I cannot help but wonder how that Administrator sleeps at night.  We all felt sorry for the guy when she relentlessly went on, in front of all of us, for a good 15 minutes bitching him out about some trivial matter.  But then, the state examiners are coming soon and she does not want to 'look bad' in front of them.  She has no trouble throwing any of us under the bus to save her proverbial ass.

I also just learned the therapy assistant who has been here for 13 years was fired.  It seems the newer, cheaper, therapists don't like her.  But, of course, the newer, cheaper, therapists just happen to have a friend who is available for the position.  Wow........I am certainly surprised, what luck, it 'just so happens' to work out this way.

Whoops...........the Administrator is calling me on my pager to come to her office.  Oh, yes, I never did tell the wheel chair guy he had to move.......Hmmmmmmmmmm....I wonder why I have been summoned to the Principal's office for this time.  Let me guess. 

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