Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nursing Home Diaries

                              When life seemed so simple

Morning meeting went well, the Administrator laced out the maintenance assistant in front of a crowded room of coworkers.  We all felt that one, the look on the guy's face made us all cringe.  This Administrator is quite a shrew, she lit into him much more than was necessary.  Other days she has reamed out nurses and dining staff.  Ruling with an iron hand, she thinks if she puts fear in our hearts she has the upper hand.

I pick up my tablet, behavior sheets from nurses and aides and my pen after morning meeting, I can't seem to leave that room fast enough.  Back in the office I look over behavior sheets.  One says a resident, here for rehab and who is quite alert, complained about not getting taken to the bathroom fast enough.  I don't know how many times I tell nurses this is not a behavior, he has a right to complain about crappy service.  

We have to read these sheets every morning at meeting and when I got to the one concerning the lady who wants a room all to herself and freezing, then roasting her room mate out, the Administrator says: "Can't we send her someplace?"  Sure, I'll send her to live with you.  The lady wants a private room and she is acting bitchy to the room mate.  There is no cure for bitch.  The woman hates it here, I don't blame her one bit for that.  I do feel sorry for the room mate, but then, if nursing homes weren't so greedy, they would not have 2 people assigned to one small room.  Can we send the rich owner someplace?