Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nursing home diaries

                           Vices?  LOL  The elderly should enjoy every second of life.  Beautiful lady.

First week:

Few people want to work in nursing homes and even fewer have any desire to live there.

Halloween ah yes, activities department asking us to wear costumes.  I love it, I bought a witch hat because I don't want to run the halls with full blown costume on.  Too hot, too itchy. 

Walking past one sweet lady who lives here, I ask her if she is going to be handing out candy in the dining room this evening when the kids come visit.  "Oh no, Dear."  She says.  "I don't like children."  This lady is 90 and I smile, it's her prerogative to 'not like children' at her age.  At least she's honest.  

I love the people living here.  They make the most of their situation.  I'm not so sure I could.  They are a lot of fun to talk to because for the most part, they have a great sense of humor.

The administrator calls me to her office and tells me to please go tell a resident he cannot have a refrigerator in his private room.  What the hell?  It's his room he shares with no one.  Private rooms cost a big buck anyway and I think wanting a small fridge is not asking for gourmet meals or anything.  Although the amount of money people who live here pay for the rooms, they should have them.  Mostly they get sandwiches.  Many complaints lately about those, day in and day out, too.  I go talk to the fridge guy's wife.  She gets hot under the collar and asks to see the administrator.  I point her in that direction.  I will catch hell for that one, the administrator hates to deal with families.  Why in hell she chose this field is beyond me.  But it's the end of the day, tomorrow is another day and I'm sure I'll get trounced for making the administrator deal with a family member.  

I place my witch hat in my bag and head for the door.  I have a sudden impulse to offer the witch hat to the administrator.  LOL

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