Monday, March 4, 2013

Why a nursing home blog

There are many nursing home books usually written by frustrated nurse aides and wannabe loser health care workers.  So why did I write a book, why do I write this blog, why would I want to add my small voice to the movement?

Many of those books are just watered down complaints that have no intentions of changing anything.  They are written so as not to offend anyone in the industry.  If they are still working in the industry, and I have a sneaking suspicion most are, they give a watered down version of truth because they are afraid of being found out, of losing their jobs.  Screw that!

I have no problem telling everyone about these kind of jobs working for the wonderful American medical field and what it is really like.  Yes I've changed names to protect the innocent and I don't relish any legal litigation because some twit in the industry was offended. 

I hope you will return and enjoy this blog and will read the book also.