Friday, January 4, 2013

Snowflake and the relationship

A guy who just wasn't a cat lover

Steve just wasn't a 'cat lover' or so he kept telling me.  That is, until, one day, a little sad looking kitten seemingly dropped out of the sky into our backyard.  Cold, lonely, hungry and very filthy, this little kitten fit into Steve's one had, when we first found her.

I noticed her in the backyard in June and asked Steve what in heck was that white thing in our yard?  He went to check, and declared it to be a kitten.  His first attempt to bring her in the house resulted in Snowflake not having any part of his placing her in an empty bucket for transportation purposes.  She flew, literally, from the bucket and ran into the woods.  Steve said she probably was 'gone for good.'  Later, after dark, we heard a faint 'mew' coming from our storage shed area.  Steve grabbed his flashlight and there that kitten was, cowering by the outside shed wall.  He picked her up by the scruff of the neck, saying:  "This time I got ya."  When I saw her dangling from his hand, she had a contented look on her face, as if to say: "Hey, Mom must have found me."

So she has grown, and grown, 12 ponds worth anyway.  We all discovered what love and good food can do.  She now has adopted Steve, the not a cat lover, and he has taken to her like a fish to water.

She hops on his lap, rubs her head on his leg to be picked up and comes to him for food, litter and water requests.  Not to mention the snack requests too.

I'm amazed at how much a not a cat lover, has changed and opened his heart to this sweet kitty.  Goes to show, one never knows where love is concerned. 

 A satisfied look after the latest snack.

 She recommends this life to anyone.

She has a thing for Steve's feet.