Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Meeting Snowflake

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Total trust of us now.

We wrote a book about rescuing a sweet little kitten in our backyard.  To many people, this is as bad as sharing too many kids pictures.  But, to us, she is a bundle of love and it's been a while since we have owned any pet.  So bear with us.  I also have a very good friend who also owns a cat.  I love to listen to her cat stories when on the phone.  Her cat is like a little dog and he sounds very smart and very sweet.

First night in her box, the night we found her.

We did not set out to have a pet, after all, pets were contraband, according to our landlord.  A cat is a small animal with a litter box.  How much damage can a little kitty do, compared to a dog?  We brought her in anyway because she was tired, hungry, dirty, thirsty and prey to anything larger than she was.  She had no fight left in her.  We knew we couldn't just leave her to the wild, wild, backyard and hostile woods.  

Still not totally trusting us yer here.
As you can see, she went from dirty to clean.  Yes we gave her a bath in warm water and to this day, she now likes water.  Amazing.
Adopting Steve as her own

Steve was the one who brought her inside.  He carried her by the scruff of the neck just like 'Mom' would do.  We figure she associated Steve with mom now.  She still seeks him out the most.  Every morning she sits outside the bedroom door, waits for him to carry her to the kitchen and be cuddled and petted.
She has a new and bigger bed, but refuses to give up her original kitten, small bed.  She won't use the new one, even thought she has clearly outgrown the smaller one.  She does not care. 

She has been a source of a lot of love and she keeps our blood pressure low just by petting her.  Known fact, pets lower stress levels.
If you love cats, or just animals in general, we hope you will recommend the book about Snowflake.  A nice book especially for kids about not abandoning any animals.  About being kind and sharing our planet with all creatures.
Thanks for reading this.
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