Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snowflake and the big move

Snowflake does not like change at all.

In just two weeks we are moving to our farmhouse.  We aren't really sure just how Snowflake will view all of this.  She had kind of a traumatic start in life and she has never been a big one for change.

Whenever we move a new piece of furniture into the home, she runs and hides in the bathroom until we are done.  So when it's time to move all of the furniture out, well, she may not just hide, she may have a heart attack, not literally but an emotional one.  We shall see.

She likes to observe from high up, on my chair.

Whenever she isn't sure what is going on, mildly anyway, she climbs on the back of my office chair because it has a high back.  When I got this chair at a yard sale and moved it in, she sniffed the darn thing for several days before she would even sit in it.  These days she not only sits in it, she loves to sleep in it and climb the back.

Lovin that office chair now.

Content now, but time will tell.

We just may be trying her patience with us to the max by moving.  We aren't sure what she will think of the new place either, but we are sure she will adjust, eventually, finding herself a new window and new horizons to look at.  We have little doubt we may, during the move of all the furniture, have to place her in her kitty carrier.  That way we know she is out of the way and safely not under our feet.  Stay tuned, we will update about the big move and the big adjustment.

Tranquilizers in our future?  For us, that is, not for Snowflake.