Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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  A Vampires tale of Love for a young girl - coming in June

The story of a young girl who meets a mysterious young man, at first they become very good friends even though he seems very different to her.  She has an attraction that she cannot quite figure out but it's there just the same. 
She wonders why she never saw him before but figures it's a big city so she cannot possibly know everyone.  He is fun to be with, appears much older and so much more fun and much more experienced when it comes to knowing how to treat a woman like a lady.  He appears like a knight in shining armor compared to the boys in her own age group who seem so juvenile in comparison.  But little does she know he has had centuries of experience. 
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Phantomsymon said...

Just finished reading "Steve and Lacey," a touching, contemporary, coming of age love story with the Afghanistan war in the background and some very adult decisions needing to be made by the teenage heroine. Caught between the wishes of her dying father, and the magnetic pull of her own heart's desires, Lacey learns some of life's toughest lessons- that life is too short to hold grudges which can turn into lifelong regrets, that love covers a multitude of sins, and that standing up for what one truly desires is the surest path to joy and love.