Sunday, June 12, 2011

Interview with Cheryl from Something in the Blood

Interviewer:  Hi Cheryl. So you're the heroine from the book: Something in the Blood?

Cheryl:  Heroine?  Well I've never thought of myself as a heroine before, but I like the sound of that, it has a nice ring to it.  I'm in the book, so I suppose yes, I am the heroine.

Interviewer:  How did you meet Duncan, your boyfriend and is he really a vampire?

Cheryl:  I met him while working at an ice cream shop, I was trying to earn enough money for a down payment on a used car.  He stopped, to meet me, so he said, and yes, he is a vampire.

Interviewer:  Have you ever believed in vampires before?

Cheryl:  Heck no, does anyone really believe in vampires?  Honestly, it is far fetched, it was for me too, but I believe now.

Interviewer:  Has meeting Duncan changed your life?  Are vampires really the soul less blood sucking creatures we have been led to believe they are?

Cheryl: Yes, and No.  Yes, meeting Duncan has changed my life a lot, wouldn't it change anybody's?  No, they aren't all the heartless creatures you've read about.  I don't know many vampires, I never met any before Duncan, and since Duncan is not a ruthless killer, then I can say not all of them are evil.  He saved my life, and my friend, Karla's life too.

Interviewer:  Do you plan to become a vampire then?

Cheryl:  That's the Big question, I suppose.  I am still considering it, but I haven't made up my mind completely yet.

Interviewer:  Can you tell us more about your life with Duncan?  We'd love to know.

Cheryl:  I'm afraid you will just have to read the books, I can't reveal much more, at least not right now.  I hope you will pick up a book and then you'll understand much more.


The Social Worker said...

This is absolutely wonderful. This interview brings the character of Cheryl to life and I feel I know her. I'm becoming your biggest fan.

fanbullet1 said...

hi thanks a lot for giving this information.

steve & Roberta weathers said...

You are welcome and we hope you enjoy the book as well