Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interview with Duncan, from Something in the Blood

Interviewer:  Tell us what it's like to be a vampire.

Duncan:  Smiling here at this question.  I can't explain that anymore than you could probably tell me what it's like to be human, I suppose.  It's just something you are, that's all.

Interviewer:   But you say you were human once.  Right?

Duncan:  Yes, but that was 350 years ago, you know, I've been a vampire so long now, it's hard to remember my human origins.

Interviewer:  Okay then, what's it like to love a human?  Can you tell us that one?

Duncan:  Sure, but this is not the first human I've ever loved.  The others didn't turn, so I outlived them, in time.  One of the perils of being immortal I suppose.  But we vampires are capable of love, even though many humans doubt that.

Interviewer:  Well, what do you say to nonbelievers?  

Duncan:  I say believe what you will.  To some we are as real as you are sitting in front of me.  To others, well, they should read the book, maybe they'll change their minds, even if it's just a little.  

Interviewer:  Is the path of true love running smooth?  

Duncan:  Hardly, there is a nemesis,  and I suppose everyone has one and I'm no different.  He's an assassin and has been pursuing my friends and I for a long, long time.  He is a force we will have to deal with, in time.

Interviewer:  Can you tell us how?

Duncan:  I'm afraid I've said too much already.  You will have to read the book.  But remember, when you invite a vampire into your home, anything can happen.  Just be aware of that.

Interviewer:  Okay, well I'm reading the book because I want see what happens.  Thanks for the interview. 

Duncan:  Anytime.


The Social Worker said...

I love this picture of your Duncan and the interview here. I've read the book, Something in the Blood and read it from cover to cover in one day. I couldn't put it down. I hope others pick it up and enjoy it as much as I did. I'm awaiting the second installment too. I hope it is out soon.

You're number 1 fan, I hope.

I've recommended it to all my friends.

steve & Roberta weathers said...

Thanks for stopping by and letting us know you like the book. Greatly appreciated.

Steve and Bobbi