Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Halloween and Something in the Blood

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Karla and the girls walked up to the window and they each ordered a Coke.  Karla asked me how business was doing today, I just laughed and said: “What business?  It's pretty cold and did you have to stand in line here?”  She smiled and took a sip of her soda.  

She started to say something else, when suddenly, a long black vehicle pulled into the parking lot.  I looked at the vehicle, it was a black hearse and it seemed to have dark red interior.  I didn't know too many people who drove a hearse so I assumed maybe it was from a funeral home or something.  Boy was I wrong.  The doors swung open and a group of teenagers emerged, all dressed in Goth style clothing.  One of the girls had a long black skirt on and loads of piercings on her face and lips.  Another one, a guy, had black leather pants that looked like they had been spray painted on they were so tight.  The front doors of the hearse opened and a girl with the longest, straightest, blackest hair I'd ever seen emerged from the passenger side of the front seat.  She had black lipstick on, long fake eyelashes and black nail polish.  She only had one piercing, on her lip there was a silver ring with a tiny cross dangling from it. 

The driver's side door opened and a guy stepped out from behind the wheel.  He had a swagger about him when he walked up to the window.  He had a long, black trench coat on and black leather boots with 2 inch heels on them.  He also had what looked like eyeliner on his eyes, the most beautiful deep dark eyes I'd ever remembered seeing.  

He came to the window and said: “We were driving by I saw you standing here and decided I wanted to meet you.”  I was looking down, pretending to wipe the counter so as not to seem like I was staring.  I naturally assumed he was talking to Karla, but when I looked up, he was looking right into my eyes. I couldn't believe he was ignoring Karla and addressing the questions and his gaze at me.