Friday, September 11, 2015

Decorating on a shoestring because we're poor

My husband and I recently moved into a beautiful bungalow.  We have always had a fondness for older houses, partly because we both grew up in one and partly because you just cannot get this sort of charm and grace with a new house.  

We searched for months and finally found a lovely, three bedroom older home that we could afford and we both fell in love with.  A house with a fenced in backyard that is big enough for flowers and a vegetable garden and has a patio with a large roof.  This is important because we love to cook out and we enjoy sitting for hours watching the birds.  A backyard that is private, which is important because we live in the city, but the backyard says 'country' all the way.  We also enjoy the front porch in the evening when the street is quiet and the street lights give off that eerie glow.

          The front porch we love to sit on at night

We had been renting a very small house before moving here so we didn't have a lot of furniture nor do we have a lot of money.  When we moved in we noticed this larger house was looking mighty bare.  We may not have much money, but this area does have three Good Will Stores, a Habitat for Humanity store and a Salvation Army store, plus flea markets and a slew of thrift shops.  We set out to find items we could afford and ones that would do this older house justice.  Our favorite look is country with a smattering of primitives, but these stores cater to any design look you like. It's simply a matter of taste. Did we find everything all at once?  Absolutely not, but the thrill of the hunt once a month is what makes all of this fun, at least for us. We still look and since we do not like to pay full price for anything, we are thrilled to find what we need and like for practically a song.  Did I mention we will also, occasionally, do a bit of dumpster diving?  Hey, when we want something, we aren't too proud to dig for it, literally.  

The house looking a little bare when we moved in

With these blogs, we want to show you how to decorate with very little money and a lot of style.  We prove you don't have to be rich to have nice things and a nice home.  We hope you enjoy reading and seeing, the wonderful finds as much as we enjoy showing them off. Feel free to comment and share any decorating pictures or tips you would like to.  We enjoy hearing from you all. 

The front entrance with the hall tree we made ourselves.