Saturday, September 12, 2015

Decorating on a shoestring because we're poor

     Old windows we inherited from the house

Decorating the house, at first, seemed daunting.  We started out by deciding what theme we would run with and carry it through to each room.  You can choose modern, mid-century, Victorian or anything that you like.  We're partial to the country look with a spattering of primitive.  There were three old windows in the garage when we moved in, so we decided to start using them throughout the house.  The one above, is displayed just inside our front door on the wall.  We originally had a hall tree there but decided it just didn't go with the decor we wanted.  We ended up selling it at a yard sale.  We painted the frame a country blue then added the metal word 'LOVE' that we purchased at out local Goodwill Store.  We went searching specifically for decorations at Goodwill that we could use on each window.  We paid 99 cents for the metal letters, and another 99 cents for the small shelf we attached to the bottom front.  I already had a bag of glass owls I'd purchased for 99 cents, so decided it was a perfect size to display my collection.  The antique glass beaded swag was purchased for $3.50 at one of our local thrift shops, but there were two swags in the pack, so the $3.50 was a nice bargain and makes a wonderful topper for this project.  With the paint, the shelf and swag, the entire project probably cost us about five or six dollars.  One of the area antique shops is selling these, not as pretty as this one, for about $35 to $45 so we ended up with an expensive looking piece at a fraction of the cost.  We made a bathroom theme and a bedroom theme out of the other two.  The other two probably cost $2.00 to $3.00 because the decorations were much cheaper than the glass swag.  All decorations were bought at Goodwill for 99 cents or less, some cost as little as 49 cents each.

                      Glass swag up close

                  Bedroom themed window frame.

The bedroom frame is adorned with handmade, calico tulips. 
I bought an entire bouquet of them for about 49 cents.  I guess no one wanted them so they were marked down.  The two plaques were 99 cents each. 

                              The 99 cent plaques

                 The bathroom themed frame.  The metal holder
                  for washcloths, was really an old plate holder 
                  in its former life.

These were the first of our decorating projects.  We were fortunate enough to inherit old windows but you can still purchase them cheaply at garage sales and flea markets. 

 Sometimes people will give them away if they happen to be remodeling.  We hope you enjoyed this project and we hope you will try it sometime.  Thanks for reading and always feel free to leave tips, pictures and comments.  You can find these shared on Facebook under Roberta Davie-Weathers. I look forward to hearing from you.