Monday, September 7, 2015

Poems of a Forgotten War

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                                                               Brothers in Arms

Brothers in arms in a far away place
Just a little country called Vietnam
Doing our job, day after day, night after night
Humping our butts all day, Humping our butts all night

Ten clicks out, hope we make it back
You cover my back and I'll cover yours
Never looking back, we all got the knack

Twelve go out, only six come back
Sometimes bitter and sometimes sad
No time for crying, no time to feel bad

Ten more clicks, let's do it again
Set up the ambush and wait all night
Quiet as a mouse in the elephant grass

Shadows in the moon are coming for me
Lock and load, I'm ready for the fight
Popping the Claymores and firing at will
waiting, waiting, long into the night

When its all over we come back in
Just a band of brothers in arms
Doing our jobs
Tomorrow, more clicks out, do it all over again