Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Summer of Love

Introducing our newest book "Child of the Earth",  a love story that takes place in 1968.

Suzanne Wellington is a writer and photographer working for a large magazine in New York. She is given an assignment to write a story about the hippie communes.
Suzanne loads up her VW bus and heads out of town, she ends up in New Mexico to write about one of the largest communes around.

 Once she reaches New Mexico her VW breaks down and she is stranded by the side the road when along comes Oliver Bachand who offers to help her.  Oliver lives just down the road from the commune that she is looking for. Oliver helps fix her bus.  Oliver's wife and son are on a sabbatical for two months in France.

Oliver offers to let Suzanne stay in the guest room while he fixes her bus.  She talks him into visiting a local commune with her.  He has never liked hippies, thinking of them as lazy, drug using dropouts.  But through Suzanne's eyes, he changes his mind, especially when they make friends with Jupiter and Sparrow.

Oliver is smitten with Suzanne from the start.  Unlike his wife, Suzanne is wild, free and not inhibited at all.  Oliver is freed from his boring, safe, everyday life by his love for Suzanne.  

Even though the story takes place in 1968, it is one that transcends time and place.

Oliver's only son, John, never liked his father much and at his father's death, John really thinks Oliver must have gone senile in his older years.  But, did he?  It's years later, will John be able to understand how life was in 1968?  Don't miss this love story that will make you smile, make you weep and will warm your heart, no matter what age you are, no matter what era you were born in.