Friday, August 16, 2013


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Van went inside and turned out all the lights but a couple dim ones. Also I could hear soft, romantic music coming from the stereo on the patio. Nice. He came outside, two beach towels in his hand.

We held hands and walked to the shoreline. I felt a mixture of sand and small stones beneath my feet. We stripped our clothes of and laid them on top of the towels. To keep the sand out, Van said.

I gasped when I saw his mostly naked body in the dim light. He was even more beautiful then I had imagined.

We entered the water, splashing around for a while and then he embraced me from behind. I leaned my head back as his mouth gently brushed against my ear, my hair and he gently kissed the top of my head.

I was enjoying this moment when I opened my eyes and realized I could see the cottage next to Van's. I started to look away when I saw two naked bodies on the deck of their place. I was fascinated, the sight of two naked people made me keep my eyes riveted on what they were doing.

It was a man and a woman, naked as can be, she was giggling and he was pretending to chase her. He grabbed her and gently helped her into the chaise lounge.  

When the man turned around I knew why he seemed familiar. I could hardly believe my eyes. It can't be, but yes it is. I realize I know this guy. The woman joined him at the patio railing and even she was an all too familiar face.

I was totally shocked at who I was watching. I thought, for a moment my mind was playing tricks on me. can't be, but it is.