Friday, May 17, 2013

Looking for heroes

Bonding is always a good thing.

I found this picture in my files and every time I look at it, I can't help but smile.  Snowflake, an abandoned kitten we found in our backyard almost a year ago.  We even wrote a children's book about him.  Sometimes I think: maybe he found us, but however it came about, here he is. 

My husband often told me how 'he's just not a cat person' and I believed him, that is until he went out in the dark night and rescued a kitten I heard crying for help.  Ever since he brought Snowflake in, they have been very close.  

I see them and often think about how we sometimes whine about things we don't have.  I often feel like that too, dwelling on what I think I need, then I look at this picture and understand.  I see a little kitten, lost, abandoned, alone, tired and hungry and realize what we need or want is often quite simple.  Once in a while all we need is someone to rescue us.  A hero?  Perhaps, but heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  The hero we need is a loved one, a close relative, or close friend, some one to listen to us, to our fears and help us put our whines into perspective.  

Growing up, we had Superman, The Lone Ranger and the like.  Those heroes don't exist, but they filled our heads, as kids, with the notion that heroes are good.  While watching The Hunger Games, I could see this same idea in action in our 21st Century notions too.  Heroes have not gone out of style.  When Katniss understands how fearful her sister is when chosen to play the Hunger Games, she steps forward to take her place.  She is a hero.  Then it is stated by the announcer that 'never before in the Hunger Game's history, has anyone ever volunteered' this is The Hero's Journey that author Joseph Campbell talks about.  You then come to realize that all good stories, all good journeys, real or fictional, have a hero.

Steve is the hero to Snowflake.  Snowflake's needs are small.  He needs food, shelter, and above all, someone when he wants comfort.  Don't we all just really need those same things?  So when you have a good friend, treat them well, treat loved ones well, for they, in various times of our lives, can be our heroes.  Hopefully we can all pay it forward and be a hero to someone else when they need us too.

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