Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dating past 50

At least she's getting some help.

There's a book, possibly several, out, giving advice to people over 50 about dating.  People over fifty need help with dating?  OK  So much for giving advice to our adult kids then, must be we don't know all that much after all.

One piece of advice goes something like this: "Trim your toenails, you never know and should be prepared."  Trim toenails?  Seems to me that advice is good for any age.  Do younger people not trim their toenails?  OK, once again.

The book and blog sites out there, tell us 'times are a changin.'  We are told that men do not hold doors anymore, they expect women to pay all or part of the dinner tab.  I might see the dinner tab thing, but why are manners now out dated?  So women now can fart and get away with it then?  Hey, don't judge, guys do it all the time.  When people age they have more gas. A fact of life, deal with it.

More advice is to date several men at once.  Well, I guess they are reverting back to commune days.  Isn't that what was touted in the 60's?  You know, free love, 'love the one you're with' so on, so forth.  That part is OK too.  

I don't know about other people over 50, but I'd pretty much leave it up to my own gut feelings.  People can meet online (so maybe there will be more 'missing' seniors from doing that?)  Even online dating or meeting then dating, whatever, would take some sense to be safe.  (I'd say common sense, but I find sense is not always so common.  

  Not sure what any of you think about all this, no one comments on this site, but if you feel  inclined to comment, that'd be way cool too.

It's also a fact that fewer women, older women especially, look to date.  Women don't suffer so much from loneliness as much as men do.  Or, maybe, just maybe, men miss the woman to do those mundane household chores?  I'm not saying all men, so don't get your shorts all up in a bunch over it. 

Where do they get these young looking older people?

I think, with all the habits and more bodily functions going on at an older age, everyone who dates over 50 would have to be a good sport about those things, taking much in their stride.  

I watched Celebrity Wife Swap recently and one old, (has been) actor said: "I married a younger woman because women in my age group are pretty much dead."  LOL  His brain is pretty much dead, gauging from that statement.  I also noticed, younger wifey stayed quite happy as long as she had his credit cards to keep her company.  I also suppose that actor was not 'dead below the waist' thanks to Viagra these days, it used to be older women could say the same dead lines about old men.   No fool like an old fool.