Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last in a triology

Revenge is the act of passion, vengeance is an act of justice.

Samuel Johnson

I had walked through the cemetery on Halloween night and came face to face with death itself. I never thought I'd become that girl, not in a million years.

Now here I stand, back inside the mansion, packing to move to a whole other country. One I'd never been to before. I stopped packing for a moment to run my fingers over the newspaper lying on the bed.

Visiting detective found dead, three area young women missing.
A detective, who had recently been called in to assist the local police, was found this morning, dead in his car. Police said that three area young women have been reported missing as well. Authorities think there may be a connection between the incidents. Police theory says that the visiting detective had been called in to assist with solving a series of strange murders and missing people in our area. They speculate the detective may have tried to rescue the three young women, confronted the killer and was shot for his heroic efforts. That was all the police report had to offer, we hope to keep you updated as the case unfolds.

Hero indeed, I glared at that line, feeling my jaw clench, as that word jumped out at me from the page. It was giving me a slight headache.

While reading the part about: 'three young women reported missing' I thought about my mom. I felt a hollowness in my chest, an aching for my mom and for Karla's mom too. Running my hands through my hair, I wondered how they would cope. Not ever knowing where your children went or what happened to them is something they'll have to live with the rest of their lives. I knew I could never let Mom know how, where or even what we are.

She'd never understand in a million years. I'm sure she, like everyone else, did not believe vampires even existed, much less her only daughters had become one. I knew it was for the best to sever all ties with Mom.

Yet, here we are, here I am, packing to take a trip to move to Transylvania. I figure the police will tire of looking for us, especially with few clues to help them and no bodies to ever confirm we are dead.

We are dead, at least by human standards, but not the lie down in your grave, staying dead, kind of dead. Not in the conventional sense as humans understand death anyway.  

Excerpt from the final book of the trilogy.  

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