Thursday, November 8, 2012

Resurrection of a blog

I hadn't been writing on this shared blog as much as I could have been.  We breathed new life back into it recently so I'm continuing to write here once again.

I have been steadily making progress on my third Something in the Blood book.  This is the last and final episode of what happens to the heroine, Cheryl.  There are some interesting twists and turns in the final installment and I hope my readers will enjoy them.  If I am lucky, it will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

I want to take a brief moment to thank my good friend, Suzanne, for giving me at least one interesting idea and I am  weaving it into the story line. I get ideas from news feeds, the Internet, on the street, at the mall, my wonderful husband, at the grocery store and from friends. So my followers on Facebook had better watch out, you never know when you might be giving me ideas for a story.   I love keeping alert to anything that will give me a glimmer of something interesting to place in a book.  

This last one has taken me longer to write because between my computer dying to making sure it is the most interesting ending I can write, it has been a rather long journey.  But it is, as always, an interesting and fun journey.  I want this last one to be my best yet.  

Thanks to all my readers who remain loyal and I want you all to enjoy what happens to the band of vampires of Something in the Blood, the Turning. 

Excerpt: Something in the Blood, the Turning
 I stopped packing for a moment to look at the newspaper lying on the bed.

Visiting detective found dead, three area young women missing.

A detective, who had recently been called in to assist the local police, was found this morning, dead in his car. Police said that three area young women have been reported missing as well. Authorities think there may be a connection between the incidents. Police theory says that the visiting detective had been called in to assist with solving a series of strange murders and missing people in our area. They speculate the detective may have tried to rescue the three young women, confronted the killer and was shot for his heroic efforts. That was all the police report had to offer, we hope to keep you updated as the case unfolds.

Hero indeed, I couldn't help but be irritated by that line, but the part about 'three young women reported missing' did make me feel a twinge of sadness. Sadness for my mom and for Karla's mom too. Not ever knowing where your children went or what happened to them is something they'll have to live with the rest of their lives.

Yet, here we are, here I was, packing to take a trip to move to Transylvania. I figure the police will tire of looking for us, especially with few clues to help them and no bodies to ever confirm we were dead.

We are dead, at least by human standards, but not the lie down in your grave, staying dead, kind of dead. Not in the conventional sense as humans understand death anyway.