Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bobbi wrote this one

I decided to specify that I wrote this particular blog post, in the title.  Why?  I don't know, maybe, despite all of the advice to the contrary, I worry that you, the reader, expects a book blog to be about only books.  So in case I'm right, I don't want Steve to share the blame for a 'book-less' blog post.

I was just reading, on the Internet of course, which movies were the best of 2011 and I didn't like any of them.  I also read that 'Fast 5' has become 'the most downloaded or (dare I say it?) pirated movie of 2011.  Why do people pirate movies?  Just because they can?  Maybe for some that's true.  But maybe, just maybe, if producers made good movies, there might be a lot less pirating.  

;The Tree of Life' was way up there as was a non-western, 'Meek's Cutoff'  and frankly I saw them both and both stink.  I'm not a film critic nor an expert, but frankly, expert is lost on me.  I think of a brain surgeon or a therapist as an expert and even those can be debatable at times.  But I know what I like.  I don't always think movies need to give me a message, but it needs to entertain me.  None of the movies on the list did that for me.  So maybe, just maybe, if good producers came up with good movies, less would get pirated because, short of NetFlix screwing over their customers in streaming movies, maybe people feel most movies are not worth their dime, either in the theater or as a DVD. 

What do you think?  I'd like to know.