Friday, September 23, 2011

A Soldier's Tale of Love (Short Story)

 A young Soldiers tale of Love 

It was while on his second tour that he met her. He and some Army buddies had decided to visit a new bar one evening, one that wasn’t a brothel. A bar they had never been to but had been told about by some of the other guys in his unit. They had just sat down when he looked up to place his drink order and there she stood. She was one of the prettiest women he had seen in The Nam. He looked up at her face which was a perfect oval, with high exotic cheekbones set inside her very delicate features. Her thick dark hair, which was so black it reminded him of shiny glass, hung in long oval curves over her slender shoulders and she was dressed in the traditional black silk pajama style pants with a long oriental style top and the back of the top which had a huge gold dragon circling from the back, ending in the front, seemed to set off her slender body and slim hips. He noticed every guy at his table was staring at her as she walked to the bar to fetch their drinks. As she walked away she carried herself with confidence, fully aware of the appreciative glances of the GIs.
As the night wore on his fellow table mates forgot all about the pretty bar maid the more they filled up on drink after drink. But not Steve, he kept looking in her direction all night long and every once in a while she would throw him a glance and a beautiful smile. He wondered if she had noticed him also, but, he thought, she must be used to GIs staring at her and making lewd remarks. He figured she was pretty much immune to that stuff by now and just brushed them off like lint on a uniform.
As the night wore on, the girl made her way over to Steve’s table, he motioned for her to have a seat, after some of his buddies decided to sit at the bar to be closer to the drinks. To his surprise, she smiled and sat down across from him. She spoke perfect English and while he seemed puzzled by this, she explained to him she had been schooled in English while attending a school run by American missionaries. She had an even prettier smile up close, he noticed and her features and clear skin were near perfection. They talked a while and he told her about his plans to try and find a flat to rent because living on the base was too crowded for him anymore. She smiled and told him she just happened to know of a nice little place not far from his base. She explained that she was staying with friends and was trying to save up enough money to rent it, but on a barmaid’s pay, it was taking her longer than she had anticipated. He told her he had some money already saved and she offered to meet him the next day to look at it together. He hung around the bar until closing time and hailed a cab and gave her ride to where she was living. She thanked him, they set a time to meet the next day to look at the flat and then she leaned over and kissed him. Not just a peck either, but a full, on the mouth, several seconds kiss.
The next day he and his new found friend met to look at the flat together. It was small, but cozy and had a small balcony on the back, small but large enough to set a table and a couple chairs on. He told her he liked it and he talked to the landlord and paid the first month’s rent. He asked Chi if she wanted to move in with him, since she was looking for a place too. She smiled and was very eager to do so and said she just needed to go gather up a few things at her friend’s house. Later that day, Steve and Chi moved into the little flat that had a balcony overlooking the Saigon River.
The next few weeks were ecstasy for Steve as Chi was, like most women in Vietnam, adept at making a man feel like he was the most important person in the whole world. Their lovemaking was wonderful. The very first night in their shared flat, Chi heated up some water on the stove and instructed Steve to sit on a high stool she had prepared for him, placing a warmed towel on the seat. She poured the water into a basin and proceeded to wash his naked body, starting with his back, gently washing in small strokes. She worked her way down to his buttocks, then around front to his chest, his legs and then to his feet, carefully washing between each toe very gently. He then stood up, as she instructed and gently dried his naked body and started to apply oils. He felt his manhood rise and he started to reach for her, but she thwarted his advances, gently and proceeded to finish up with the oils. When she had finished applying the oil, she slipped her clothes off, slowly and smiling up at his face the whole time. Then she took his hands and led him to the bed in the corner. Their lovemaking was fierce and she showed him moves he had never experienced before. The lovemaking was so intense at one point, that Steve felt he might pass out, but instead, he felt ecstasy like he’d never felt before.
Afterwards, Chi prepared a dinner of white rice and fish and they took their bowls and glasses filled with rice wine out to the balcony. Steve was feeling this was one of the most perfect moments he had ever remember experiencing in his 19 years of living. He was wishing the moment could last him a lifetime. 
(c) Steve Weathers 2011 all rights reserved

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