Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ladies of the night

Ladies on the corner, ladies adorning the streets
In wartime ladies throwing themselves at your feet
Not many jobs and ladies need to pay rent
Ladies need to survive, ladies need to eat

To young soldiers it's like a buffet
To men at age 18,19,20,21, yes they want to play
Women who are not dumb, they know the deal
Young soldiers, eager to spend their pay
Young soldiers mean a lady's next meal

Some of us to brothels, some to bars
Some to massage parlors, some walk,some drive cars
Ladies all sizes,shapes and to your liking
Young men,just paid, each payday they start hiking

Some fall in love, or so they think
But no marriage certificate
The U.S. government won't waste their ink
No certificate, no visas too
Some soldiers stayed behind,leaving their love won't do

I wonder at times, what happened to those who stay
Are they still around, still happy today?
Do they have regrets, or ever second thoughts?
Have they raised families were they glad they stayed?

I lived with one woman,once, but it was not love
No bands, no fireworks, no lightening from above
Someone to warm the lonely nights
Someone to share the beautiful sights

I ended up having to say goodbye
I even had to tell a white lie
I said maybe to America, with me she might fly
That never happened, we ended up never really saying goodbye

I hope she forgave me, I hope she understood
Why I packed my bags in secret, for her own good
I wasn't in love, maybe ashamed to admit
I don't think I'd have married her,even if I could

Goodbye my lotus, my butterfly
I hope I never made you cry
I can't stand tears, I hate sad goodbyes
When my tour was done, back to the World, I had to fly

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1 comment:

Vincent Moore said...

Steve thanks for taking me on a stroll through the war torn country of Vietnam, where you and many like you fought and died for what you believed in or thought you believed in at the time, FREEDOM. Yet one wonders and has a lot of questions, Was it really worth it? was communism halted in it's tracks? I think not.

Yes a soldier get's lonely and these ladies of the streets day and night are there to please and survive, they will offer up the pleasures and know the gingle gangle will be put into their hands to feed themselves and often their families.

You gave us a glimpse into the many ways a soldier can find entertainment and be entertained by ladies of Vietnam. It must be hard for some soldiers who find a passion for the country and the woman they meet there to give it up and go back to America. And like you said the ones who stay, where are they today? good question.