Thursday, September 22, 2011

Indie authors some of the best people out there

We have posted a call to indie authors to be featured in interviews on our blog site and we have been receiving some great feedback from some of the nicest authors we've ever encountered.  Indie authors are smart, interesting, very creative and very generous. Some have offered us books to read and all have been quite nice in their interest in being interviewed.  

It's a big loss for those big guy publishing houses, the ones who turn down unknown authors left and right.  In our opinion those publishing places shoot themselves in the face by doing that.  I read about a blogger, who, got a book deal and now is an editor for some big publishing house.  Does one book deal make anyone an editor?  I have my doubts.

But indie authors are some of the best and smartest people we have met.  Hail to the indie authors!  If you haven't been reading many of them, maybe you should check them out. 

We welcome any indie authors who want to be interviewed.


Vincent Moore said...

Great idea guys, giving Indie authors recognition by interviewing them on your site, it helps promote one another. If I may make one suggestion though, for those who would like to leave a comment on an interview their not able to at the moment.

Was the box left off accidentally, or intentionally? I know a couple of people wanted to leave a comment on my interview but were not able to. Thank you very much for the interview, it was much appreciated. Good luck with many more. You are doing a great service by profiling Indie authors. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

steve & Roberta weathers said...

HI Ken, We are in the process of changing things around and the comment section was left of accidentally.Thanks for dropping by

Vincent Moore said...

I know blogs are always a work in progress and I am delighted to see the constant changes and upgrades you both are making to yours, gotta love it. You are both creative writers and so kind in sharing your scribes. I look forward to reading more Indie interviews in the near future. Indie publishing is the way to go and were all going to see more of it.