Monday, September 19, 2011

The rise of the Indie Authors

We are seeking published authors to interview and feature on our web site. If you have published a book and would like to be featured on our web site please contact us through our web site. This is a great opportunity to receive more exposure for your published books.  No one knows you are out there unless you tell them you exist, or more to the point, your book exists.  

"If I write it they will come,"  Not so!  We figure, indie authors need to help each other as much as we can.  We also hope to start a section, soon, where indie authors can share marketing tips.  What works and what hasn't.  We hope you tell your friends, they in turn tell theirs, we will create back links to reading and book sites as well as other blog sites and hopefully we will drive traffic to all of our books.  We hope as many of you will participate as you like.  So stop by today and check us out
Thank you all


bobbiw said...

This is a great idea! I hope people utilize this opportunity!

Patricia said...

Hi Steve, I agree no one knows we're out here and those that do have kept me going with their reviews gifts and spreading the word and letting me know. I would love to set up an interview, however my hands are a little full at the moment in caring for to dear friends who are extremely ill, and I am in the process of working on two additional books, but I think this is a great idea and knowledge and wisdom only mean something when shared...So count me in. God Bless Patricia aka Columbia Layers of the Heart

Flora Breen Robison said...

Makes me wish I had a novel written.

steve & Roberta weathers said...

Patricia - Thanks so much for the interest in our site, we will be in touch with you and our prayers go out to your friends.
God Bless

steve & Roberta weathers said...

Flora - It's never to late everyone has some kind of story to tell, give it a shot you never know.