Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Design and editing services

For all of my books, I have the privilege of residing with two very creative people.  All but two of my book covers have been created by Steve,my husband and AJ  my son. Our son is a professional graphic artist and Steve is simply very talented in this area.  The reason two had not been designed by either of my resident artists was because I jumped the gun and got impatient. As you can see, the latest cover for my final episode of Something in the Blood, final episode,is absolutely beautiful.  These covers are on my paperbacks and my Kindle books as well. Steve designed the latest cover and I couldn't be happier.

I also have started an editing business, I have a few clients and always accepting more all the time.  Our prices are very affordable and you will be pleased with the finished product if you decide to inquire.  We will gladly quote you our prices by email. Our services are as professional as they get and we take pride in our highly satisfied customers.  All of our customers have been strictly by word of mouth so far. They stem from our happy clients showing our work we did for them to their friends and coworkers. We wish to thank them too.

One final note though.  While beautiful covers are a big plus, what sells good books is good writing that appeals to a large amount of audiences.   Research shows that it is the first few pages that sell a book. Below are just a few of the covers we created.

Designed from a picture Steve took
Picture taken in Coudersport, PA.

Designed from a picture of our Granddaughter

Picture taken in our back yard, she is now known as Cheryl the heroin of the book

Designed from a photo I took at the cemetery

Photo taken at Veterans cemetery last winter

Our latest cover designed using photoshop

So,if you want a flawlessly edited manuscript and/or a beautiful book cover designed,please contact us through our email on this site.


Flora Breen Robison said...

I love the new layout. Are you related to "Cheryl"? or she someone you got to model for you? I've been a model for many of Mom's paintings.

steve & Roberta weathers said...

Glad you like the new layout, yes, she is our Granddaughter