Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scared to death

In a group of trees
Scared, brought to my knees
Bullets wizzing over my head
Will Mom get a telegraph saying I'm dead?
Waiting,watching every movement
Waiting for the gunship
Counting the ammo on my hip

Little, on this day, do I know
This is not to be my first look at death, oh no
Each day, as a soldier, you know, even if fear never shows
Some days you wonder:what do I do, where do I go?

Before my stint is up, the taste of fear will fill my cup
Fear of death, passing to the other side
Or simply fear of the bullets that could rip my hide?
You swallow your fear, you wear your pride

Death finds me once again
In a bar while sipping gin
I leave the table to take a pee
I could not have known, did not see

An explosion, a deafening blast
Is this my last pee, will this place be my last?
When facing death, no, I never recollected my past
They say you see your life before your eyes
Facing death, not like that, a bunch of lies

A bomb in a bar blows out a wall
The blast tears at the seams
All I hear are peoples' screams
I run to check my friends
For one of them, this is the end

Once more death comes to call
A blast, a rocket, in a helicopter
The bird jerks, I begin to fall
I hit some trees
I scrape my side, I tear my knees

Facing death, is a soldier's lot
Some live to tell a story,some not
Why some stay and some will go
That is an answer no soldier will know

Whether Vietnam,Afghanistan or Iraq
You tell each other, 'I've got your back'
In a death situation,there's no time to slack

You never think Death will pick up your baggage claim
You never think Death will draw your name
When facing Death's final portal
As young soldiers,we think we're immortal

So when you see a soldier,offer him a shake of your hand
He's seen it all, he's played in the band
Tell him thanks
For facing guns,for facing tanks
Tell him you are eternally grateful
For doing their job, remaining faithful
They will be forever grateful 

Vietnam is a war time and people forgot
But all soldiers know their lot
War is hell, war is rotten
Makes no difference if time has forgotten


  1. Steve you scribed of your pride for the core
    I must implore you fought the good fight and
    nothing more, you gave your all you met the call
    of duty to your countries calling

    The bugle sounded you marched without fear
    into the unknown without shedding a tear
    the horror you witnessed and never forgot
    I thank you Sir and salute you a lot

    You lived another day for those who did not
    and your fellow soldier will never forget
    what you gave in the field and protected their
    backs without thinking or relenting it was
    your duty as a solider in the American war
    for freedom and peace

    Peace brother, is what we all wanted. It was a big price to pay for the political pride and greed of politicians far and wide. Great scribe my friend. I salute you sir for serving and protecting us all.

  2. Vincent thanks so much for the lovely poem and your comments are truly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by my friend