Wednesday, October 12, 2016

When will America wake up?

What in hell happened to America is beyond me.  We failed, as parents, to teach our kids any Real sense of value and thrift?  We failed, as Americans, to keep the wolves of Wall Street out of politics so now we are all raped of our decency and a just plain decent living?  We failed to keep unions in tact because we were stupid enough to believe employers would do 'the right thing'?  Probably all of the above.

So when is a damned vehicle worth $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 and way on up the line?  Please!  Cars that are nothing more than Tupperware on wheels.  Why do cars need all those computer gadgets?  Well, because a new generation of technology enthusiasts who really are suckers enough to believe technology, big brother watching and controlling us everywhere, is a good thing?  Gadgets are needed, by car manufacturers, so they can charge you to hook up to a machine, to replace sensors at the tune of $400 or more and to sucker you into believing you need a light car to go 120 miles per hour, or more, on city streets. We all are trying out for the Indy 500?  No, we are trying to just kill people on roads and streets because we have a sense of 'entitlement' not ever seen in the history of America.  Welcome to the 21st century

When is a house, sufficient to raise a small family in, worth $300,000, $500,000 or more?  Especially when most Americans don't make near that much in a crummy job in America?  America, I'd like to slap you all upside your head and say: "Snap out of it."  

Do you all think you are 'Temporarily embarrassed millionaires'?  What you are, is delusional. 

Do you have any idea of how sick and tired I am of logging into Facebook and having some Schmuck comment on something I've said because he/she doesn't agree?  Oh, not any intelligent comments either.  Comments they share because, like many Americans, they think their selfish asses are the only important ones?  They make me sick to my stomach.  My gag reflex kicks in.  Didn't 'Mama' do her job and teach you any empathy at all?  This is the new age, what new age?  The one where you all not only have no empathy, you can't even define the word's meaning. An age where America allows Washington, D.C. to open the flood gates and elect millionaires who don't care if you or I have a pot to piss in.   A new age where Facebook people say: 'Support our troops', acting like some armchair generals do in the military.  Easy to say from your easy chair.  For God's sake, don't get off your collective asses and break a damned sweat.  

Why are gas prices on the rise again?  Well, because you and I get to pay for billionaire oil companies oil spills.  We get to pay for their screw ups.  Do you see any alternative energy sources being utilized in big droves in America?  Hell, no, because you all, again, post on social media instead of getting off your asses now or ever.  Reality bytes, don't it?  

Hell people can't even gather in person, meeting their friends, or finding dates.  No, no, they have to use, again, technology to text friends or find dates, then get robbed or worse when they do meet up.  Lazy shits!

What kind of America adores a Presidential candidate who has proven himself over and over again to be a snake oil salesman and a crook of the highest order?  A kind of America I'm ashamed of.  A kind of America where real men barely exist.  No wonder you can't find any keepers in our society. Men who talk and treat women like shit, like we are their damned slaves.  Grow a set, guys! 

Take a good look around you.  A society where instead of knowing your neighbor, you'd rather shoot them instead.

To sum it up, America, you are quickly becoming a big disgrace and a laughing stock to the entire World. No wonder they all hate us or shake their heads is disgust.  Me too!