Monday, October 10, 2016

Something in the air in October? No, Something in the Blood

Halloween once again.  A young girl working  a summer job to earn money for her own car.  A chance encounter not only helps her get a car, but opens a whole new life for her, one she could never have imagined in a million years.  She is enthralled by a group of Goth kids who stop at her job for a soda.  She loves how beautiful the girls look, but most of all, she is smitten by the handsome young man who appears to be the group leader.  Little does she know she is about to embark on the journey of her young life. 

This is a trilogy about not just a young girl falling in love with a guy others see as a killer, but is full of twists and turns and intrigue. 

 Little does she know an assassin is tracking her new friends, one who is bent on killing every single one of them.  Can she help or will she run for cover?

What happens at the very end of book 3?  Well you just have to buy them to find out.  No spoilers here.  All three available on: Amazon, Kindle and at Barnes&

Not for the faint of heart, but a trilogy you will be recommending to your friends, young and old.