Monday, July 28, 2014

Penn Yan a monster in the community

The mystery of my ex husband's death in Penn Yan, New York continues, part two:

Penn Yan, a small town in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, looks much like any other small town in America, but it has a secret.  This sleepy little burg is harboring a predator. This predator has struck more than once and will strike again until someone places it in a cage, behind bars.

This predator was in charge of taking care of my ex husband and my ex husband, due to a suicide attempt five years ago, was missing part of his brain, therefore making him incapable of rational decisions. This vile monster was only in his employ for two short years.  This predator preys on the elderly and the infirmed, stealing their money and their property.  I cannot give you the name, it's a female and her initials are Kilo Alpha.  A warning to Penn Yan residents:  If anyone with these initials is now taking of your elderly or sick person, fire her, check her background, Immediately!  Put her out of business.  This monster is being investigated by professionals and when this story breaks and she is behind bars, I will name her because it will be a matter of public record.

My ex husband, after the first suicide attempt, was left paralyzed on his left side and his right hand was prone to spasms.  Now an inept law enforcement claims he bought a muzzle loader pistol in the mail and was able to load it using one hand only, a hand prone to spasms.  Seriously?  My educated guess is: This monster was a part of assisted suicide, since she was the sole beneficiary and had the only vested interest in his death.  Assisted suicide is illegal.  This Kilo Alpha monster was present when he supposedly shot himself.

The facts:  He sold this monster his house for one dollar.  Yet he continued to live in the house for two years.  My guess is she grew tired of him living in her house and helped him along to his death.  There was no autopsy, which definitely should have been done after a suicide.  Inept police work always annoys me. It tells me one of two things: 1) the police are too damned lazy to do a proper investigation 2) they are just so dumb they could not catch a cold, much less a monster in a very small town.  Which is it?

A monster so cold, so calculating she cold bloodily either gave him the gun, helped him purchase the gun online and then helped this crippled man load the gun because he didn't shoot himself while he was alone, as so many people usually do.  He waited to shoot himself while she was present in the house?  Come on now.

This Kilo Alpha woman is working in Your community, Penn Yan, and will strike again and again until she is placed behind bars.  My family is not sitting still for any of this.  This is not about vengeance, it is about justice, it's about protecting a small community from a monster so vile, she is a black widow in it's lowest form.  What sort of low life takes care of the elderly and then brings a lawyer's assistant to his home to convince him to give her his house?  The lowest of the low.  

This vile monster couldn't wait to start cleaning out his house either.  It seems that, even before the body is cold, she has been loading up her vehicle with the contents of the house.  Local law enforcement claims a muzzle loaded pistol purchase, online, cannot be traced.  Wrong!!!!!!!!!  There Are ways and Everything is traceable. 

If nothing more, this vile monster will find out she has picked the wrong family to pull her scheme of death and inheritance.