Sunday, July 27, 2014

Penn Yan: BEWARE of those who prey on the elderly in their care

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This month's events in my own life, have driven home, to me anyway, some of the reasons why I wrote this book.  Perhaps the elderly are of no concern to many people in the world. But if you have an elderly loved one, or close relative, this should be a hot topic to each and every one of you.

 The event I am describing here took place in small town America.  Specifically Penn Yan, New York.  We all like to think we might be safe in a small town, and that might have been true in the past.  But when it comes to the elderly in modern day America, they are safe no where.  There exists a band of people in America who make a living preying on the elderly.  Small town Penn Yan is no exception.  Here is what happened and here is how authorities in small towns botch investigations because it is a 'Good Ole Boy' club all the way around.

Just a week ago, my children's father supposedly committed suicide.  I say supposedly because without a thorough police investigation, I'm skeptical and here is why.  First off this man has been mentally ill, on record, since about 1996.  He was receiving disability and counseling for his mental illness since that year up to his death in July of 2014.

In about 2008 he won a settlement from the U.S. Army for a service related claim of PTSD and from then on, received a monthly disability payment from the U.S. government. The retro settlement started a chain reaction of not only a vulture type woman who tried to take advantage of him but his own family of origin, brother and sisters, preying upon him because they all thought he 'had money' as the typical saying goes, which is pretty disgusting by itself.  Then, one day, after seeing a piece in the local newspaper about some of his woodworking crafts being featured in a magazine, the first female opportunist contacted him.  She contacted him under the guise of 'being interested in his crafts' while all the while she was practicing her craft of preying on an elderly person.  This one even went so far as to convince him to marry her.  Apparently once she discovered his family of origin had just about wiped out his large retro settlement, she was not happy.  The next thing I know, my youngest son got a call that his dad had attempted suicide.  All the years I'd been married to this guy (16 total) he had never actually pointed any gun at himself and pulled the trigger.  The spaciousness of this is the fact his, then wife's former husband had committed suicide a few years prior to this incident.  Coincidence? I have my doubts..  He ended up in the hospital and this marriage was annulled, ended before it lasted even six months.  Now, small town, small potatoes sheriffs dropped the ball then in any investigation.  I suppose, like too many other police departments, it's easier to just drop the ball than to actually do their jobs and investigate.  Too much paperwork I imagine.

When my ex husband returned home from the hospital from the suicide attempt, our next to the youngest son and his wife, moved in to take care of him.  The entire time they were caring for him, he never again attempted suicide.  But as time wore on, my ex husband started to drive away his family : from his brother and sisters to his mother, culminating in him telling our son and his wife to move out of his house.  He went through a series of nurses, firing them all until, one day, he somehow met this last vulture.  This last vulture was not really any nurse, as far as I can find out, but just some young woman (age 31) who takes care of the elderly in their homes for pay.  Upon his death we find out that under her care, barely 2 years, she had convinced him to make her in charge of his remains upon his death.  He supposedly succeeded in committing suicide under her watch and his body was suspiciously cremated just two days later, conveniently covering up all evidence and denying his family the option of an autopsy.  None of his children, including the one who lives in the Penn Yan area, were notified of his death until two days later, after the cremation had taken place.  This vulture claimed she didn't know of any other children and for some reason, the local sheriff saw fit to not contact his son who lives in that area.  Who is covering up what?  You decide.

She alone made sure, two years ago (exactly when she started to take care of him) she took him to the local funeral parlor to sign papers, in advance, for his cremation and NO Death Notice in the paper.  Interesting, isn't it?  But, oh it gets better still.

In those two short years, she not only convinced him to set up a prearranged cremation funeral arrangement, she convinced him to change his will.  Just guess who inherits all of his estate?  You guessed it, this vulture. Did she plan it all?  I'm suspecting so.  But in New York State, when making a will, you cannot hide your blood children.  They have to be named and they are supposed to be contacted and given a copy of said will.  Now, mind you, she claimed she had no idea where the children lived.  (Bull shit!).  Once I got wind of all this cover up attempt, I made damned sure my kids called that lawyer and let them know their names and addresses so none of them (lawyer included) had any excuse to try and screw them.  I have no doubt this is what's happening. So while this vulture thought she covered her bases, she has not.

The best part of all this is after his supposedly first suicide attempt, it left him paralyzed on one side, he walked with a cane thereafter and his hand on the other side was prone to spasms so bad he could not possibly hold any gun to kill himself. Now remember, just two days after his death, his body is conveniently cremated, burning all evidence.

 I have encouraged my children to pool their money and hire a private investigator.  The investigator not only needs to look into the suspicious nature of this convenient suicide, but to investigate the local sheriff's department and the botched investigation from their office, but to investigate the caregiver and the fact that this guy could not hold a gun.  Yes we do have her name and address.  

Final note:  My son and I need to find out what sort of gun was used because the son who was caring for him before the snake in the grass started her home care, ALL guns had been removed from the premises.  How did he obtain a gun? If the weapon of choice turns out to be a handgun, where did he get it?  This is a man who was denied any handgun permits due to prior domestic violence charges.  The stupid sheriff department told his sister he 'might of gotten it through the Internet'  Do we Not have an ATF department looking into sales of guns on the Internet, those guns having to cross state lines, or crossing into America from another country?  ALL of this need to be investigated by a PI and investigated quickly.  His kids are hopping mad and this vulture will, if nothing else, Will find out SHE has picked the wrong family to pull this with.