Monday, May 5, 2014

No one likes to be forgotten, no one

 Do not forget veterans of Any war.
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I was letting my mind wander, as writers often do, and my brain stopped on the fact no one likes to be forgotten.  Be it a group of veterans who fought valiantly, a relative, who ,for some unknown reason, likes to be ungrateful or by those we used to call 'friends.'  Being brushed aside and forgotten hurts us all. Ask anyone, some may not admit it because they are too proud, but deep inside, it hurts us all when it happens.

Vietnam veterans have felt this acutely, especially these days when they need medical care from the VA.  They may call and be told: "You don't qualify for dental care unless you are a recent Iraq War veteran."  When they go to the VA for anything else, they are sent a bill.  OK  Maybe it's not a huge bill, but any bill for service.  Seriously?  They fought just as hard, did what they were told, just like today's vets do and in fact, many Vietnam vets were forced by our government to fight in Vietnam.  Today it is strictly volunteer.  The military owes them nothing for forced servitude?  Oh, I think they do.

In this 21st century, we seem to live in a day and age with the motto: "Let's forget anyone we simply choose to forget."  No matter who or where they are.  

For example, I watched a local news broadcast concerning a high school girl's research to fight world hunger.  I had to laugh (not funny laughing, but disgusted laughing) when our governments will have us believe that agriculture is why we have world hunger.  This girl receives an honor award while our government cuts off food for poor children.  Another: "Seriously?"   Hunger is not caused by lack of food in the world.  Just walk past some restaurant's dumpster and see how much food is wasted daily by those greedy mofo's.  There is enough food on this planet, at this very minute, to feed every man, woman and child who is alive today.  What causes world hunger?  The fact that people cannot get the very food they need and deserve.

America feeds prisoners but cuts off hungry kids.  Why?  Well prisons for profit need prisoners as slave labor.  So until big companies can figure out how to bring back child labor, legally, kids will go hungry.  

One last speculation about also being forgotten by so-called 'friends.'  When we fail to do as some friends might like us to do, namely what they want us to do, those kind of friends just pretend you don't exist.  Shame on them all, those who simply forget, conveniently, for whatever reason.  May I never, ever act like them.