Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Reflections on a Christmas day, is there forgiveness in war?

As a soldier reflecting where I've been before
I wonder, is there forgiveness in a war?
Forgiveness from those hurt to their very core
Is forgiveness simply story and lore?

Soldiers who thought what they did was just
Soldiers having done what they felt they must
But wising up, losing the trust
Is there such a thing as forgiveness or bust?

Is there one god?
Or is there more than one?
Looking at all of us under the sun
We grow older, now reflection has begun

We all share the same sun
We all share the same moon
We all share the same sky
No peace on Earth until soldiers ask: "Why?"

Why am I killing?
Why do I plunder and destroy?
A tank, a gun, is not just a toy
But war mongers place them in the hands of a boy

We say: "Peace."
We act like Earth belongs to us
To do with as we want
Is it ours, or are we here on a lease?

If I were a god hearing us saying: "Peace."
Would I be disgusted?
Would I serve an eviction notice?
Would I renew human's lease?

We say we love peace
We say so, yet we bring forth the gun
Why do we believe them?
Just because war mongers say: "Grab it and run."

Is there truly forgiveness in a war?
Memories that make us all sore
If there is forgiveness in a war
Why do we repeat it, like so many times before?

Some say war is a fear of what other countries may do
But I think it is the actions of just a few
We say we are a Christian nation in America
Is war what they mean by: "Do unto you?"

 War is control
War is just destruction
By some misguided humans
Probably suffering from some sort of dysfunction

Remember that peace is hugging, peace is loving
Peace is not shooting, pushing and shoving
Destroying your land is not very loving
No wonder you fight back when we commence the shoving

Peace on Earth
Where does it all start?
When soldiers question the motives
When soldiers find, not war, but love in their heart
 We as soldiers may live the war till the day we die

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