Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If only I had listened, if only you would listen

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If only you would listen
If only I had listened
Listened before the blood glistened

We thought the good fight was for freedom
Let freedom ring
We killed those we never should have
Emotional wounds cannot be healed with band aid and salve 

We did our job, we looked like a mob
Come home with problems and reality
American government does not care
The emotional scars, all who fought, these we share

We say 'it's not fair'
We go to counseling
We get meds and a 'there, there'
We think that damned counselor cares?

Conditioned to fight a perceived enemy in hiding
Training that does not leave your head
Come home to no one who's guiding
Some days, emotions go sliding

Bitter you say?
If only you would listen
Listen, my Child
Listen before you rue the day

War machines fill our dreams
Some more, some less, still a mess
Emotional scars
We saw fire in those stars

Are we crazy?
Sometimes thoughts become hazy
Let the rich pick up arms
Don't look for my child, they don't answer your alarms

Fight a war yourself
Get your cell phone, take your own picture
Call it a 'selfie'
Remember yourself when you return, no limbs, as you sit on a shelfie

War these days is a video game?
The 'enemy' is never glad you came
Tearing up civilian's homes
Never to be the same


They should love us you think?
It all looks good on paper and ink
To real human beings
A government has no real link

If only I had listened
If you would just listen
Please do before you see the blood glisten
Hopefully it is not your blood in the sun to glisten