Thursday, November 7, 2013

Have you ever?

Have you ever just wanted to tune out the world?

Have you ever just felt like this day is too full of chaos?

Have you ever just wanted to fast forward to the next?

Have you ever wanted to rewind life to a happier time?

Have you sat by the water, just been silent and listened?

Have you counted the ducks, listened to waves lapping?

See how peacefully ducks float on the water, few cares

Have you ever wondered why your family doesn't see your talent?

Ever wondered: "What's wrong with Them?"

Family should be love, not at all like this, like stormy seas, chaos

Family should accept you for who you are, not who They think you are

Ever wondered why family members poison each other, in the mind, in the spirit?

Parents are ill equipped to know how to parent

Their ineptness is quite apperent

Nothing lonelier than being in a group we call 'family'

Nothing lonelier than sharing a house and feeling alone

Some have beautiful memories of families in their place

Some have memories they would like to erase

Have you wished Mom and Dad were a mighty oak?

Instead, in the rainstorm of life we tend to get soaked 

Sometimes in our eyes, we get poked

Parents are human, how dare they?

But we know WE are grownups when we can say:

"It's OK, Mom, it's OK Dad, sometimes, just like me, you were good you were bad."

Life's too short to dwell on a past, the die already cast

Let's make up for it Now until we draw our last