Thursday, August 8, 2013

What's happening lately

Finished my latest book.  I guess this one can be labeled "Mommy porn" although I'm not quite sure where that label comes from.  It should be up for sale by September 1, 2013.  It is a story about a girl's first time, about a deep love, mystery and tragedy and over coming the tragedy of loss.  I hope people like this one because it is by far, my best story yet.

Today:  The car is in the garage, yet again.  I'd buy a newer, less problematic car if I could.  But, for now, we have to limp this one along because, even used cars, are a small fortune.

Steve and I

Our anniversary was in July, spent it quietly, worked on my book so we didn't do anything especially memorable.  But quiet love has a lot going for it.  Kind of the inspiration behind my latest book.

We did go out last weekend though, to a couple local bars.  The first bar was pretty funny.  The bartender didn't know how to fix several mixed drinks, so we made it easy on her and asked for a seven, seven.  Such is life in small town America.  Something I found kind of crazy though, there are several 'kids' underage ones, working that bar.  Is that legal?  We ordered a pizza, which one of the '15 year old kids served us' but then the kid comes over to ask "would you like anything else?" and Steve said: "Maybe another seven seven" and, of course, 15 year old couldn't get it.  But couldn't the 'child' place the order?  We could pick it up ourselves at the bar.  So I think I'll walk in one night around midnight and see if the 'children' are still on duty.  Isn't there any child labor laws in NY?  I guess the bar is too cheap to hire adults?

Another thing about small towns, we went to a newer restaurant and it was only 9PM (everyone knows nothing fun happens before 9) and the waitress told us: "We close at 9."  No wonder that place is not seeing much business.  Ya gotta stay open later to get business, especially in a town like this that claims it wants tourist business.

Anyway, that's the latest.  Hopefully the old car will be done soon and not cost us too much more money this time.  So it goes.