Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Has your heart been ripped out?

I got on Facebook today and I'm always mystified by so many postings and comments that people, usually without thinking, post up there.  I too often see posts blaming poor people for being poor, for being homeless, and I'm sick to death of the term 'Socialist' posted by people who have absolutely no clue what it means.

Growing up, my mother was a gem.  I loved her dearly and for good reason.  My parents were what you would call Conservatives back then.  But back then the Republican party had members who did not use religion, fear and intimidation to try and win elections. Conservatives were an entirely different breed of people.  

Yes, my parents had values, which included wanting a decent place to call home, safe places to raise their kids and most importantly, MY mother taught all of us we were not an island and we were not 'better' than the next guy, no matter how much they had in their pockets or bank account.  I was taught something called 'empathy.'  In this modern age of technology I see religion or Christian meaning nothing more to most people than a label.  They wear it like a badge and pull it out like a gun to put others down.  Has America had its heart ripped out?

What disgusts me most is the fact that many, many, people who are not really 'middle class' anymore, those who are retired and on the poverty level now too, posting crap like "Hit like if you are fed up with being taxed to death while others refuse to work."  Really?  You want to look this ignorant on a social network?  Unless you have some huge pension, well you too are impoverished.  Why aren't you working until you drop dead then?  Why do you refuse to work?  Are you getting it?  My guess is, probably you don't nor ever will get it.  More's the pity for our country.

Does having a heart now mean you are weak?  Well I'd rather be weak than lose all feeling or worse yet, lose my entire soul while pretending to be a Christian.  Cut it out!

While Americans love slogans, like "Remember 9/11" and politicians flaunt 'American Heroes' to win votes and then forget those same 'Heroes' when it really counts like giving them benefits. I get sick to my stomach when I see Israel trying to commit genocide on people in their region.  I get sick to my stomach when we do not care about Syrian people nor do we 'mourn' people killed in tsunamis or devastating floods, or innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan being slaughtered by an American military that has become nothing more than hired mercenaries (and poorly paid ones) doing the bidding for giant corporations.  America, has your heart been ripped out?  You don't care because they are not the same religion, culture, gender or color as you?  Well if Jesus came from the Middle East, you can bet HE was dark skinned too.  So forget all those cute pictures in churches showing HIM as white.  Are you that gullible? 

I'm retired now too.  I cannot honestly put down poor people who cannot find jobs and maybe cannot work anymore.  I'd have to hang my head in utter shame.  I'm sorry you did not have the wonderful upbringing I had.  An upbringing where you were taught not to be a poor person hating other poor.  Not to be a person who is poor then condoning our young American poor going to make war on other poor people.  But it's never too late to grow a heart.  I'm hoping more people will do just that.