Monday, December 10, 2012

The final installment coming soon

Watching that stinking vampire's body get swallowed up by the water gave me a feeling of satisfaction. A feeling of vengeance beyond compare. I know killing the rest would do the same. I won't rest until the job is done.

I looked around the clearing and saw a coat lying on the ground. That boy must have removed it when he decided he was going to take me on. Fool! He needed to be a much older and much more clever vampire to defeat me.

I looked through the pockets and then, I saw a paper. Reading it I thought, well, well, I don't need to track that female after all. The paper contained an address. I couldn't believe my luck. Idiots, leading me right to their door. How convenient for me.

I would go home, clean myself up and check out this address. I needed to survey the situation, that house and find out who lives there before I proceeded.

Morning, dawn breaking through the horizon. I got in the hot shower, feeling invigorated. I always felt like this after a good kill. I can almost understand how Jenkins must have felt each time he made a kill.