Friday, November 30, 2012

FREE BOOK give away

     * * *Our Holiday Gift to our readers * * * 

We are always looking for fun ways to thank our fans.  We have decided that a free give away would be a great way to jazz things up a bit and help readers get to know us as authors.  The final installment of Something in the Blood series is around the corner, so to help acquaint readers with this story we want to offer a free gift to the first 10 people who contact us at:

We would like to send you the first book in the series of “Something in the Blood” absolutely free......................

  Please let us know in your email if you want it personalized or just signed.  If you want a personal message, please let us know what you would like on the inside cover.  Please put FREE BOOK in the Subject line of your email.. AND MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS, THIS OFFER IS ONLY OPEN TO U.S.  AND CANADIAN RESIDENTS

We will list the names of the winners on our book blog.

Thank you and Happy Holidays

Steve & Roberta Weathers