Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Watching the news today, there was a barrage of ads touting how wonderful some nursing homes are.  Some bragged how 'profits aren't important, their residents are' and some flaunted five star ratings.  Ha. Ha. Truth be known, Medicare five star ratings are seriously flawed and may mask some serious deficiencies.  It's been found that the five star rating relies too heavily on self-reporting by the nursing homes, omitting much negative information reported by state inspectors.  Now isn't that the foxes guarding the chicken coups? 

The star ratings are supposed to give nursing homes an incentive to improve, when in reality, most have found ways to game the system. Nursing homes know when inspectors are in their area,they notify each other and add more staff, clean up areas that they normally neglect, and sharply cut staff once inspectors are gone and go back to their sloppy ways, until the next year.  Moral of the story: do not rely on this bogus five star rating system for nursing homes.

Those who say: 'profits are not our big concern' well of course that bottom line is of big concern.  How do you think staff gets paid?  How do you think administrators make those big bucks?  By not being concerned about profit?  Oh, please. Traditional nursing homes, based on the Medical model are the pits to live in. The Medical model is set up for staff convenience only.  If huge profits are not a big concern, do you think corporations would even own them?  Hardly.  This is a billion dollar industry, owners of nursing homes aren't rich by accident.  

Traditional nursing homes need big changes.  They may have five star ratings like some Grand Hotel, and admittedly, they do charge the elderly like it is an expensive hotel, but without all the nice services one would expect at a hotel where one pays in excess of at least $1500 per week just for room and board, but they are not a nice hotel by any means.

Traditional nursing homes will never change until, you, you, and I, demand our loved ones actually get what they pay huge money for.  So all of them are the Nursing Homes of the ATM.