Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Perpetual second hand shoppers decorate for the holidays

                                         A holiday find at a Salvation Army store

I know not everyone is into Santa Claus and in this modern era, it's not politically correct.  I simply collect what I like and what reminds me of bygone days.  I grew up in an era that wasn't politically correct, so, oh well.  As a child we had tinsel made with lead, we used sparkles made of lead in elementary school decorations too.  It's a wonder we survived all these years, I know, Right?  We had plastic Santa Clauses on green plastic skis, sacks on their backs filled with candies.  We had white plastic reindeer to accompany the plastic Santa. Silver trees were the in thing for decorating back then too.  We used tree lights with bulbs so hot you could cook an egg on them.

                             Hot times back then

                               Cannot forget bubble lights

            No tree was complete without clip on glass birds

                          Everyone had these glass ornaments

Not politically correct because we didn't concern ourselves with that back then.  But we also grew up with commercials showing mom cleaning house and doing dishes in her best dress and high heels.  Did any of our moms look like that?  Seriously?  Absolutely not.  But, like it or not, you can't change history.  But these are some of the items we used.

I guess hot moms decorated trees in gowns too.....sure

                               Plastic Santa with skis

                      Plastic reindeer, minus the skis

                                Tree with bad for you, lead tinsel

                         Those great aluminum trees

I love to look for items from other eras too, collecting them helps me imagine how other families might have celebrated the holiday season. You do remember imagination.......right? 

                      Snowman on sled...seen better days

I ran across an old snowman, holding a bird house and wearing plaid trousers.  This whole rig has seen better days, but, to me, the well worn outfit has its own charm.  The wooden sled has actual metal runners, not the plastic junk you can only find these days.  I love it.

                        Nothing to do with the holidays..but still a find

Last but not least, I found a wonderful piece of wood with dried herbs and flowers.  The dried herbs haven't a darn thing to do with the holidays, but I love it anyway.  Maybe that leaded tinsel did damage my brain after all.

As politically incorrect as it gets, but here it is anyway