Thursday, October 1, 2015

Budget fashion and style

A mid-century modern rather large dresser

We bought a set of rather large, dressers which came with some nightstands.  This particular dresser (in the pic) has sat in our living room, posing as a Credenza.  We even offered them for sale, once, on Craig's list at a pretty bargain price and had no takers.  I'm mystified as to why no takers because these dressers are in excellent condition and dressers aren't cheap in any store these days.  Be that as it may, we finally have settled on what this dresser would be when it grew up.  Right now, its permanent home is in our kitchen as an island. 

The dresser's new role as a kitchen island.

When decorating your home, remember it is just that, your home, a reflection of your taste, your style.  Don't let decorating become a daunting task.  You read in magazines about eclectic designs, or taste or designs.  Toss it out the window.  Whatever suits you can become an eclectic design.  Your taste, your choice is you, as a person, as a designer.  Whatever color or style you choose, is you, it is unique, no one else's ideas.  Don't be afraid to mix the old with the new either.  Let your own personal style shine.  What makes an interior designer famous anyway?  Lord only knows.

Tin stars on an old bench makes a nice fall display

We bought the tin stars at the Goodwill Store.  We paid $5 for the pair ($2.50 each) and we repainted them.  Shopping our local antique stores, we found tin stars for $10 to $15 dollars each, this same size.  Coupled with an old bench we bought a while back for $4, they make a nice display for Fall, or anytime of the year.

                      Umbrella holder

We bought this ceramic umbrella holder at Goodwill for $3.  Since we don't have real umbrellas, we paid 99 cents each for the paper ones we have on display.

   Old game board

The old game board in this picture was found in a dumpster.  Price: free

These game boards are still made, but this one is an older version of today's models.  We found this in a dumpster.  I told you we are not above dumpster diving if there is something interesting.

Large letters, Maxwell House coffee mug, cute nest

The letters are displayed in our dining room and the nest and coffee mug were all found at Goodwill.  We repainted the letters red, from a plain brown.

Wicker sleigh

This little wicker sleigh was found at Goodwill for $2.

So now, don't be afraid to choose whatever style you like.  Your style can be as fashionable as any 'professional' interior designer's.  Happy decorating.