Saturday, May 9, 2015

PTSD Penn Yan and Crooked Lawyers

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       PTSD, crooked care providers for the elderly and crooked lawyers all have a lot in common.  I have been championing the cause of the elderly for some years now.  With over 70 million Boomers in America, it has become a big past time of far too many people to find ways to swindle them.     

The use of crooked lawyers and judges has gotten out of hand when it comes to swindling elderly people.  It helps place a legal slant onto the stealing while disregarding any moral obligation on the swindler's or the lawyer's conscience.  The crooked lawyers are the ones who give decent lawyers a bad name and are the reason so many of us hate lawyers and think of them as blood suckers.  Certain lawyers should be disbarred for helping bad care givers steal an elderly person's property and assets.  It might be legal in black and white on paper, but it is a moral injustice that our society does not seem to find offensive, unless, of course, it is their friend or relative on the sharp end of the swindle stick.  For some time now, I have wracked my brain to figure out how our society has managed to produce a huge generation of people who either have no conscience at all, or who manage to seer their conscience to the point of no return.   It is what can be labeled as a crime of opportunity and of course, money above morals, which seems to be the fabric of our society anymore.  Always, always follow the money trail.  The trail of those fake care givers who are never satisfied with their salaries, but who seek to steal everything the person in their care owns.  It's a disgusting practice at best.

When my family, namely my children, were swindled, it all came home to roost and it pisses me off that this is going on all over the place.  Large cities, rural areas and small towns across America.  In my book, those crooks should be placed in jails for the thieves and robbers that they are.  Older people tend to be too trusting and when they need care in their homes, well, fake care givers have them over a barrel,  They divide and separate them from their children and seize the opportunity to relieve them of their assets.

In the case of my children's dad, suffering from PTSD made the golden opportunity for his fake care provider, just that much easier.  Since PTSD makes it easy to plant seeds of doubt in the sufferer's head, it is just that much easier to separate them from family.  The golden opportunity for the thief.  In this particular case, the care giver and her sister-in-law seem to be partners in crime.  I could easily name them in this blog since my kids have papers naming the two crooks and the crooked law firm in Penn Yan, which, by the way is a matter of public record because a will has to be recorded.  I just may name them all in my new book, but, for now I will tell you this.  My ex-husband, Ron Gage, owned a house in Yates County and it also is a matter of public record who owned the house and who sold it.  Check those records and for God's sake, Do Not hire that woman to care for any elderly person you know.  She is a thief of the highest magnitude, devoid of any conscience at all. 

In my ex-husband's will, which is a matter of public record, the fake care provider and crooked lawyers, name her sister-in-law as the next in line to be given his house in case of the demise of the original crook.  Wow.  do you find this reprehensible yet?  Well you should.  So beware, Penn Yan.  Look up the public records and steer clear of ever allowing this low life care provider to watch over your friend or relative.  Like having the fox guard the chicken coop.

I will not rest until this person is out of a job and placed in jail where she belongs.  My next to youngest son obtained a lawyer to get his dad's personal belongings from his house.  Guess what?  Her crooked lawyer must have advised her to steal and remove it all and claim Ron gave it away earlier.  Liar!  When my son got there, the house had been stripped and there had been a surveillance system in place, but suddenly that system and any tapes were mysteriously gone too.  What a crooked Bitch!  

Beware, Bitch.  I will have my kids hire a private investigator very soon.