Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Adventures in moving

Moving; people across this country move everyday.  Is moving a big event anymore?  Well, yes and no.  It's a big deal if you happen to be the one moving, no big deal if you are staying put.

People probably move for as many reasons as there are people who move. Sometimes you move to a place where your money goes further.  That is one of the reasons we moved.  Another reason we moved is because we happened to have a connection in a state my husband grew up in, and this state happens to have a bit lower cost of living.  Is any move perfect?  Well, in a perfect world, it might be.  We don't live in any such universe.  This is our adventure in moving.

We decided to rent a UHaul and a trailer to haul our small car on.  I certainly didn't relish following a moving truck for over 800 miles and didn't relish paying twice the gas, so we put the car on a trailer.  Well when you do that, you now have novices hauling something that is the equivalent to driving a tractor trailer, minus the training and minus the CDL license. Those babies are hard to maneuver and if you want to back up, well, jack knifing is the order of the day. 

It was snowing the day we moved (imagine that, the winter of 2013-2014 and snow), okay, nobody said we were sane.  We hit the Interstate out of NY heading to PA and you can really see the miserable conditions America's infrastructure is in when you drive our Interstate highways.  We were fortunate we didn't break every single item we owned.  Through NY and PA, the ice built up on our car being hauled.  So much so, that by the time we got to sunny Ohio, people at gas stations asked where we were from.  We resisted the temptation to say: "Alaska."  Our plates clearly said NY, but they were so covered with ice no one could read them.

For all the ice and snow, we did make it to Ohio where the roads were dry and clear and we saw something we hadn't seen in a while, sun.  Once we reached our destination of Lafayette, Indiana, we had to go to the car wash to get the sludge off our car.

Finally, three weeks later, we have settled into our nice house and are happy as clams in a shell.  The place we had been renting in NY was dark, dank, very costly and we had been miserable, but had not been able to find much else to rent that we liked.  So, here we are and we are glad.  

More about our adventures and why we moved, to follow in the next blog.  *Sigh*