Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Corporations and slumlords, oh my

The small town I live in can be an oxymoron in their thinking.  Maybe it's just a divided town anymore, indicative of the rest of America.  This small town is dying in leaps and bounds, offering few jobs and those offered are low paying, menial jobs that cannot cover the huge rent increases put into place lately by not only fancy places, but by some pretty notorious slumlords.  The slumlords never have been made to bring their slums up to par, so no one wants to, or can afford to, rent from them anymore.  Most of their properties have electrical, structural and eyesore problems, yet the so-called 'planning board' never plans to make this town look decent. This town has allowed those slumlords to have a very big voice here.  Big mistake!

Now on the other spectrum of the scale, we have the people who do not want big corporate America to come in with more crappy paying jobs, while another group thinks corporations are the only way to fly.  It's just a matter of the horrible planning board discussing how to cut up the small town into smaller pieces and sell it off to the highest bidder.  It seems the 'highest bidder' school of thought is winning.

So many, used to be locals, are on a popular social network saying how the town used to have locally owned businesses and should not allow stores like WalMart to come in with low paying jobs.  I also have noticed so many of those who comment, no longer live in this small town.  They moved due to lack of decent jobs.  Now for not liking big corporations I have also noticed that Walgreens pharmacy was allowed to tear down a locally owned motel, by buying the owner off, the motel owner then placed a Dunkin Donuts (chain) in town, we have a low paying McDonald's, a Rite Aid pharmacy, who, BTW, bought a locally owned pharmacy that had been here for a very long time, so they could eliminate the competition, proving you wave enough money in front of most noses and anyone is for sale.  We have a Best Western hotel right now, another big corporate chain I do believe (now the towns people supposedly do not like chains) sure, sure.  We have a Pizza Hut, another chain, yet the 'planning board' will not allow a business that has been here for at least 100 years, to upgrade their equipment in order to be not only more efficient, but to allow for the safety of their employees.  Over the years, local businesses have left our town, one, by one, by one, by one.  Local businesses that once used to pay a decent wage, all replaced by corporate chains.  The latest being a Hampton Inn, yet one more chain in the wheel cog of the death of a small town, driving one more nail in the coffin of small town quaintness that so many spout off about, yet talk is so cheap.

 Sure looks a chain to me

Way over priced apartments

Not allowed to upgrade this old business

Coming soon: if it looks like a chain and walks like a chain, well you figure it out

There are those, especially on Twitter, who piss and moan that I dare to blog some truths, but, my apology to them is 'Oh Well,'  suck it up.  How old was some 40 something in 1970's  Mere babies, wet behind the ears, is how old they were.

We almost had a meeting with a person who 'wanted to save the small town businesses' but of course that never happened, they bowed out.  So, once again, small town talk, talk, is all it ever amounts to.

We also have a college here for over 100 years that does not even attempt to improve the town it's near, not lifts one finger to become more integrated to the town.  What a sad state.  We too, plan on moving as Penn Yan is not moving in the right direction.  Bars and restaurants have all gone so far down hill we always go out of town to eat because the ones here are inferior. We also go out of town to shop because we can only buy so much liquor, so many electronics, so much so called art and only so many drugs from too many pharmacies. Fast food, low paying McDonald's or fatty donuts also do not fill in the gaps. 

So the conclusion: They can all talk, talk all they want.  That is, my Friends, all it ever has or ever will amount to in this sad excuse for a small town.